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Understanding the Healthcare Scene in India

As per World Health Organization (WHO), India needs 3 beds for every 1000 individual while the ratio is upset to 1.5 beds on every 1000 individuals. Healthcare system alarmed during the pandemic, and this escalated the process to strengthen India’s Healthcare sector rapidly.

The wage difference on the basis of Gender, Age, Location and the Status of the organization plays a major factor when it comes to closing the right candidates for the system.

Every moment passing can be a ticking clock between saving more lives or making the complete use of high-investment resources at a hospital. Healthcare is a time-sensitive industry and fast-track solutions are very important for talent management efficiently.

Negotiation can take days when it comes to keeping the right candidate under the radar to closing a perfect one. Manually this process can be a very tiring and time taking task.

Manually finding, talking, closing, and facilitating the negotiation between hospitals and professionals is a challenging task that often backfires due to unclear expectations of the parties.

HR Support is very crucial in an environment where stakes are high, professionals are working long shifts day and night. While an in-house team can only take charge if they’re manually available on campus. Lacking 24-hour support for the professionals.

The Healthcare sector consists of more than 200+ specialties and many more to come. Hence the problem of sourcing candidates as soon as possible is a challenge for many hospitals every single day.

Hospitals based in the outskirts and challenging geographical locations or culturally challenging cities face more challenges in hiring. As it is a challenge to convince candidates to move and work for the organization.

There is no national database for Healthcare professionals who can be contacted for their expertise in their field for consults, for a procedure, or for hire. This limits the in-house departments to only contacting those individuals who’ve submitted their resumes to the hospital.

The Problem

While, everyone is working hard to increase patient capacity, nobody is keeping an eye on bombarded requirements of healthcare professionals in different verticals.

This is a challenging segment to work on, as there are numerous problems that recruiters face in the healthcare domain.

India's health workforce crisis needs a serious attention


We have a two-part approach for facilitating our Smart Recruitment Process.


PACE: A Healthcare Recruitment and Sourcing Consultancy


DOCLADDER: A complete recruiting, sourcing, and healthcare-related online platform


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At PACE we aim to bridge the gap between the shortage of healthcare staff and patients. Our objective is to strengthen the healthcare sector by providing them with adequate resources.

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