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Our story starts 13 years back when a business was started for a profit with a team of 4 members. With time, we developed and stood up as a strong team of 50+ members with a joint plan to work for the noble cause. While stepping into the business world, we had a closer look into the healthcare domain and discovered that as per the world health organization, India needs three beds for every 1000 individuals, while the ratio is upset to 1.5 beds for every individual.

The Healthcare system was alarmed during the pandemic and escalated the process of rapidly strengthening India’s Healthcare sector. While everyone was working hard to increase patient capacity, nobody was keeping an eye on bombarded requirements of healthcare professionals in different verticals. This is a challenging segment to work on, as recruiters face numerous problems in the healthcare domain.

At PACE(Pacific Asia Consulting Expertise), we aim to curb the shortage of healthcare professionals and strengthen the healthcare sector by providing them with adequate resources. We connect hospitals to highly skilled medical professionals, and likewise, we link medical professionals with lucrative job opportunities that act as a catalyst for their careers. PACE is a marketplace for medical professionals where we recruit candidates within the shortest time frame.

Our team of experts includes highly-skilled recruitment associates who understand your passion for working and recognize your potential beyond skills and experience. At PACE, we help you succeed and create a better future by finding better opportunities and connecting to the right people. Our long-term goal is to build the healthcare sector like a strong pillar where every individual meets their professional requirements and recruiters meet their requirements.

We understand that changing a career or getting a job is challenging. Therefore you need a helping hand that would do all the work for you to make the job-finding process seamless. Here PACE is a helping hand that assists you in finding suitable and genuine opportunities. This platform allows you to efficiently manage all your recruitment and hiring processes, build meaningful relationships, and collaborate from one place. It helps medical professionals grow and achieve career paths with lucrative packages. With our undeterred aim to aid the healthcare sector, we aim for PACE to be a PAN-India organization, so we can benefit professionals and serve society.